Dragon age inquisition чёрный город

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I wonder if the blight destroyed the city and all in it after it was shut away in the fade. It makes me think that the purpose was simply isolation to prevent the spread of an infection, and the magisters that breached it also let the blight out again, just like the myths say.

Double Dragon 27.07.2017 - 00:52

I think arlathan is in fact, the black city. Arlathan fell because of the war among the elves. But it ended u in the fade after solas created the veil. The tevinters saw arlathan as a golden city, but when they entered they, somehow tainted it or maybe it was already black maybe cause of the veil. Corypheus talks about the power of the gods. What if their gods where the evanuris. They worshi gods in form of dragon and we have seen flemeth as a dragon. Maybe they though about the evanuris as gods, without knowing they were elves. Maybe they saw them as dragons. Tressasser shown us a lot of things. Solas said you saw the remain of vid dirthara, it was intrinsically tied to the fade, and the veil destroyed it. I think it has to do with that.

28.07.2017 - 21:18

Now with the trespasser dlc adding more information and explained that the elves often integrated the fade with thier buildings, it seems even more plausible that this could be true. Not only that, but blood magic is said to be able to rip holes inthe fade, maybe the tevinter s sent it there.

Apricots From Nara 30.07.2017 - 18:12

Thank you so much!

Gwynbleidd 01.08.2017 - 07:44

How did your theory end up being so true

Thomas Martin 01.08.2017 - 15:24

Don t forget that the black city once was the golden city. I guess each enavuris fused with a different kind of spirit demon and solas fen harel fused with a pride demon. Thus he refers to himself as a young elf who thought he knew everything. This is clearly an aspect of pride. Also pride can t accept the idea of gods standing above it. Pride does not bend its knee. Nothing represents pride better than a golden city. Some other god tainted it black in anger, trying to escape this prison. When the magisters went there directly, they brought the blight back to the physical world and the god sought power.

Auroraflash 02.08.2017 - 12:51

Omg trespasser totally set this up

Tehbleachbottle 04.08.2017 - 10:42

The black city could possibly be arlathan. One important thing to note is that the fade serves as a prison, as mentioned by the tevinter statue elenai zinovia, from the dragon age awakening dlc. The fade holds the evanuris, as well as whatever the black city is. Notice how the city is always equidistant from all other parts of the fade? As a matter of fact the black city appears to be the only constant in the ever changing fade, the only known change to it being its color from golden to black. It is interesting to note that it seems that the black city is only in the distance for dreamers. The only two instances of the fade being breached physically seems to put the unwelcome visitors very close to the city for some reason if the fade is truly a reflection of reality, that would mean that the real black city is somewhere in the western approach in the abyssal rift. I doubt that anyone is able to just fly there, or manipulate the fades nature when they are in physical form. While a bridge could possibly be formed in dreams, those who dream can never actually get close to it. The closer they get, the farther the city seems to be. The fade is a prison for all intents and purposes, and only those who actually have power enough to breach the prison seem to be able to reach the city. The only two recorded breaches involved the death and blood of countless slaves and almost all of the lyrium in tevinter. The second involved a powerful mark that was borne from the very key that created the veil.

Omega Man 06.08.2017 - 08:40

I think it is pretty obvious. Only one major city is known to be missing from thedas, arlathan. The golden black city is in the fade, a place where the dread wolf banished the elven pantheon, around the time of the fall of arlathan. I don t believe in coincidents. That would mean the writers suck at their job.

Bindair Dundat 08.08.2017 - 03:02

Black city golden city arlatan? Very interesting theory. After seeing a trespasser dlc story and the origin of the veil, i am almost prepared to accept it as a fact. Don t forget how solas is pissed in dai at grey wardens and their meddling at things they according to him don t understand. Of those things is their primary expertise the blight. If solas greatly dislikes you and you either allied with the mages or disbanded templar order, he will if not immediately after, then some time after adamant go into a bit more detail. But just a bit. Assuming you recruited grey wardens off course. If you submit mages or allie with templars he will talk on that instead to disapproves your actions though that can happen even before adamant. Why does he claim that anything he could suggest on dealing with the blight is better then anything wardens might do? Is it connected with depending on your dao choices, hof alistar loghain surviving the battle with the archdemon? Ifarlatan is a black city, did coriphius and friends pick up blight there? If so, it would explain solas s rage towards wardens. Still, unless he created the blight as security measure of some sort that spin out of control, i can t figure him out.

Gameslord 09.08.2017 - 03:26

It can t be because solas would have mentioned the blight being his fault as well?

Jason Poppa 10.08.2017 - 06:42

Wow. At first i was really not on board with this theory, but by now i actually think the puzzle pieces might fight. It might also be another thing that bioware themselves didn t really think about, but again it kinda fits so well, it would almost be a shame if they didn t make this canon, even if it was some tinfoil fans who came up with it.

Pieniaurinko 10.08.2017 - 19:26

Okay but seriously how did you guess all of this stuff, post trespasser, you kinda nailed most of it

Josh Croker 11.08.2017 - 00:07

Thanks so much for making this video! This is the theory i ve adhered to for a long time now, and it is nice to watch a video that offers a fairly comprehensive list of arguments for it whilst still pointing out it is a conjectural argument at this point. What makes me believe in this argument is the one principle the developers have announced that not a single thing in the da universe will ever confirm or deny the existence of the maker. Therefore, any theory pertaining to the black city cannot confirm or deny the maker, and most of them do in some way. The arlathan theory is simply the most logical, though arguments against it exist, mostly in related topics such as the old gods, the elven gods and the ancient elves at that, whether they are one and the same or not or the nature of the fade itself. Anyway, i digress loved the video. I subscribed for future content, to which i am looking forward.

Alexander Cobra 11.08.2017 - 07:10

The fade i mean

Marcus Brown 12.08.2017 - 07:08

Oh i got a theory what if when the fade was beautiful the mages of tavinter broke in did whatever unleash the blight witch may had some affect on the place

Marcus Brown 13.08.2017 - 09:38

Alright, i m okay with an idea that fen harel somehow moved ancient arlathan into the fade and locked it, but here s the question. Why did all the spirits follow? Why didn t they just stay in the real world where arlathan once stood? Plus where did all it s citizens go? As we can see, solas is sure that there are still elven like him, though cory didn t say a word about black city being inhabited. And some thoughts on other subjects. About solas fear of dying alone. I do believe that this statement is not just about his dreams of dying in sweet inquisitor s hands, but about fear of dying while being one of a kind. Without his people. Alone. So we re sure he won t let to stay it this way. He believes it was a mistake to seal them all and he regrets it now. So. His people. What are his people exactly? There were mentioned that falon din gone mad in his attempts to gather worshipers and when his hunger stretched across her mythal s people she rallied gods against him. So were those gods some sort of a uh. Landlords? Protecting their own people? Fighting with each other? Can it be that solas cares not for waking all mad elven gods and just wants his people back again? If so why would mythal sacrifice herself for that noble but pointless and clearly naive cause. Maybe she hopes for him to fail again? Maybe she hopes he ll accidentally relise all of them, so she would take her revenge? She s not dead, right? Gods cannot be killed so she s probably in some state of a deep sleep now, as maybe solas was. Uh. There s still more questions than answers. I guess we ll figure it out in someday coming dlc. D and i apologize for any grammatical mistakes i ve made, if there are ones. It s pretty hard to express your thoughts in the foreign language x

Julia Shepard 14.08.2017 - 00:47

I have been theorizing that maybe the elven pantheon became blighted or is the origin of the blight somehow, and that fen harel had to seal arlathan and the gods away in the fade and create the veil to save spare the rest of thedas. Maybe it s just a disease or maybe it s a weapon. Maybe the madness of andruil and maybe falon din, if not it was only power hunger is connected with it. It says that andruil went mad after hunting the forgotten ones i think so maybe that s where it came from, and maybe mythal absorbed it to save andruil from the blight.

Pauk 15.08.2017 - 06:22

So many thoughts! So many questions! ! ! Lol this makes me think so many things oh maker! Thanks for all your great work to bring everything together!

Biofan 16.08.2017 - 12:15

This is sort of cliffhanger is exciting. I am very much interested when we will see the future events unfold and learn more about the history of the elven. Also an interesting fact is that somehow grey wardens are tied to this too they were mentioned at the end of the game. And btw, you have a great voice, it is a pleasure to listen to you. You also make your content very intruiging and interesting. I do hope you keep it up.

Kristian Celarc 18.08.2017 - 05:39

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