Гта 4 как одеть перчадки на нико

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  • Опубликованно: 19.08.2017
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Комментарии (20)

This is just spoilers you idiot

Pigeon Gaming 20.08.2017 - 22:44

I have pc samsung good luck for meh yay d

Edd T Cull 22.08.2017 - 10:30


Christopher Choung 23.08.2017 - 03:37

How is this helping us

Christopher Choung 24.08.2017 - 06:27

Bruh i killed all pigeons and all i got was a congrats on kill all flying rats it s bull crap

Killerdankstar 25.08.2017 - 11:59

Just kill pigeons and you will get them

Ipirate 26.08.2017 - 01:44

Your not showing us your just showing off

Son Of Goku Ultamate Gohan 27.08.2017 - 11:49

The only way u get gloves is gtet pc version and install mod u dont get them for buying a black sweater or killing pigeons

Irishhiphopman101 28.08.2017 - 01:43

Yes this is a mod there easy get its only for pc all you have to do is install spark iv but make sure u check the version of your game then find the spark iv for your game version

Irishhiphopman101 28.08.2017 - 22:34

I heard you actually can if you kill all the pigeons in the game.

Daniel Routley 30.08.2017 - 06:14

Are you fucking blind? It says pc only.

Chris Ciornei 31.08.2017 - 10:14

I downloaded a torrent where i m stuck with these fucking gloves and i can t get rid of them. Can anybody help me out with that?

Godzilla52 02.09.2017 - 00:33

Would mac work?

Ultrahobo 02.09.2017 - 23:07

True, but some people are needlessly aggressive lol.

3Rddegreegurn 03.09.2017 - 22:19

Idiot, it says pc only, fucking hell some people are stupid.

Stigs39 04.09.2017 - 03:29

All those pigeons for nothing. What a shame, but again, who gives a crap about gloves when you can have infinity ammo. Completion that s what i m aiming for.

Ricer 04.09.2017 - 11:10


Anonymous 05.09.2017 - 14:23

So i do you find them near burgers shots

Nigel Fears 05.09.2017 - 21:15

Shut up dimitri!

Shubham Bajaj 06.09.2017 - 13:03

No actually its on ps and xbox as well kill all the pigeons to get them

Rockstargameslover Tyler 06.09.2017 - 22:15

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