Png картинки gta

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Can some one make me a crew emblem I been Trynna get one for a while

Alex Webb 10.01.2017 - 13:29


The Not Pro Gamer 01.02.2017 - 17:22

Can you help me with a GTA crew images please

Long Live Shawn 07.02.2017 - 18:23

Y'all could've easily just typed the code out as he shows the whole string of code on his screen, however to save you guys the trouble I just decided to upload it to mediafire once I was done. So here you guys go:

Westy1308 22.02.2017 - 14:17


LS MARINE CORP 04.03.2017 - 11:52

It almost worked But it said upload failed because it violated the terms

Gabriel Trindade Rojo 17.03.2017 - 13:18

no code in either links?

s1acken 26.03.2017 - 19:30

Hey i am doingwatchingtyping this. Was not sure if you were aware but the wetransfer link could not be found, but the file dropper does. Please comment to let me know if you got this. Thanks and your welcome to others doing this :

GrapeVaping 24.04.2017 - 12:12

I honestly have no clue wtf I'm doing. Why does there have to be so much hassle just to have a good crew emblem. Ffs R

ATDrex 23.05.2017 - 19:25

what did you click after you copied the notepad file into the element thingy

BigJSurvivor 02.06.2017 - 22:02

there is not code in either of those links

Plan A 08.06.2017 - 21:30

Could you possibly make it more tedious ? I need something slightly more complicated to post a dicpick to my crew.

Stranger Danger 20.06.2017 - 08:30

Can i get your Background ?

RC Porn 04.07.2017 - 12:02

can some do it for me please

R13RawAngelo 13.07.2017 - 05:06

When I try to save my emblem it say it cannot save cause it's inappropriate, how do I fix that? Because the emblem only says STANCE WORKS

Shanadj Harold 06.08.2017 - 22:19

Tried this and this is what I got.

Caylub Moon 16.08.2017 - 23:05

why cant Rockstar just save us so much fucking time, frustration, and creative limitation and just add a way to do it easily?

samuel H. 31.08.2017 - 23:55

As an FR-S owner. I fuck with your desktop background.

Drew Henson 19.09.2017 - 23:33

can't find down load on wetrasfer

GODSPEED 10.10.2017 - 09:11

how do you do it in illustrator when u take the image and copy it and do all the other things plz tell me

Shaylan Brijlal 06.11.2017 - 13:25

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Png картинки gta

Png картинки gta

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