Mass effect 1 коды

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I don t know what people are complaining about this puzzle wasn t that hard, it took a little bit, and was kind of frustrating for me to figure out how to do it, but after i understood how it needed to be solved it was easy and was quite rewarding in terms of satisfaction. Trust me they put puzzles like this in games to make you think not to piss you off.

Nick Hanley 21.12.2016 - 06:54

I came here for the james bond music.

Singularitys Marauder 21.12.2016 - 22:06

I m in my first time playing me and this was truly helpful, thanks.

22.12.2016 - 17:30

There are no logic in this puzzle. Thanks for this video!

Dank19931 23.12.2016 - 11:43


Bruno 24.12.2016 - 12:26

Damn that was easy, i was stucked, because didn t know, what i am supposed to do d

26.12.2016 - 09:23

Fuck this puzzle! Thank you a alot man

27.12.2016 - 04:14

Thank you brother.

Trcsonic 28.12.2016 - 23:46

Fudge this puzzle but i did it by myself, such a proud moment

Gbdeck200 29.12.2016 - 09:18

Crap a pop up

Chalgon 30.12.2016 - 09:39

I hate this mission. Oh how i love shit puzzles and bugs that and enemies run straight up to me spitting goop and killing my partners immediately, while shoving me in a corner and fucking my raw

Gondo R 31.12.2016 - 01:26

Thank you for the tutorial

James Coulibaly 01.01.2017 - 09:45

Idk what s worse. My brain hurting from the puzzle or the eleptic shock i got from the twitching screen

Draco Dina 02.01.2017 - 09:34


Sev 117 03.01.2017 - 07:00

Sucks quest, бля!

Dan Elfman 04.01.2017 - 22:08

An awesome game almost ruined by this crappy puzzle.

Arnulf N 05.01.2017 - 21:04

One of the shittiest puzzles in video game history

Unknown 07.01.2017 - 04:21

Thanks i was so stuck.

Rukia Lake 08.01.2017 - 14:56

Literally this entire fucking mission is a massive cum dumpster. And. I love mass effect, and, but this mission is ass

Intergalactic Ferret 09.01.2017 - 03:55

Thank god for youtube! Bruhhhhhhhh i spent an hour on this damn puzzle.

09.01.2017 - 09:56

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