Neverwinter читы на zen

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You dipshits can t think of anything more useful to spend bucks on!

How2Takeasickfuckdown Thecdc 28.09.2017 - 04:34

Yo i exchanged the astral diamonds for some zen but it s still telling me i have zero. What is going on i work hard for my diamonds

Giovanni Lopez 28.09.2017 - 12:11

But this never show how to get it, it just shows how to find it.

Erik Vandever 29.09.2017 - 06:00

I got, diamond s how much zen do i get?

Ak History Production 29.09.2017 - 23:44

High quality vid for the number of subs you have

Christian Thomas 01.10.2017 - 12:06

Does it work on ps

Integgy 01.10.2017 - 20:54

Thx i got a griffin mount after getting some zen to get enough magical keys to open a strongbox it took trys

Xxnight Stalkerxx 03.10.2017 - 16:58

I was going to comment on this vid and share but because i am moving all my xbox i don t know but i am gona like and tell all my friends who play neverwinter dad so thx for the info i also put a link in my neverwinter game tips but can i get permission to you know tell people on my channel how to do this with a link to your video and all credit goes to you!

Dragonface Games 05.10.2017 - 05:25

How you do the dance

Puttekes Animation 05.10.2017 - 11:45

I have bid, ad at the ade but no one will give me zen witch is one enchanted key wtf

Dinglebobman 07.10.2017 - 07:13

Ad per zen. Oh i remember those days if i d know it would have rocketed to ad zen now i d have bought more then lol

Alan Wilkes 07.10.2017 - 19:12

How do you dance?

Justin11905 08.10.2017 - 20:33

I sold my astral diamonds on the exchange but when i pressed the button i got nothing. I now have no astral diamonds. What am i doing wrong?

Dante Alegehri 09.10.2017 - 16:54

Thank you soo much! This is so helpful!

Iininja Rblx 11.10.2017 - 10:44

I m the same lvl u are and rhix doesn t give me quest what do i have to do

Marcus Frick 12.10.2017 - 11:08

I m stuck i go up to this and there are no quests i m so confused how do i get them

Ollieplayz 14.10.2017 - 01:38

Wow zen is so cheap in xbox, you all from xbox should get all zen you can now before its price goes up

Li Choy 15.10.2017 - 10:17

Zengaming. Net! Site that gives you free cs go skins! Use this link http zengaming. Co r? Zen

Danjal 16.10.2017 - 13:42

, astral diamonds, how much zen could i get?

Xanax N 2 Blades 17.10.2017 - 13:23

Once yo guys start playing the game and getting the hang of it youll learn that this is a very basic tutorial. And i feel that s all it was meant to be. Once you hit lvl in the game and have a gs of or higher youll be able to enter the well of dragons and in that area it is very easy to earn epic gear for all classes random of course from the heroic events that take place there. And of course you can salvage that gear for rough astral diamonds and from there refine them daily. My advice. If you want to buy zen using ad try and wait for the exchange price from ad to zen to drop decently low. Ive seen it as low as ad per zen. Its possibly been lower. Myself id rather just drop money on the game and get zen right off the bat and not have to wait. But like the vid said daily quests, invocation, and salvaging epics are the main ways you can get rough astral diamonds. But if you can manage to get something to sell in the trade house those astral diamonds are already salvaged and you can use them as soon as the items sells. So. Really just play the game. None of this really matters till you hit anyways. Hopefully this helped if you have more questions there are plenty of players out there who like to help new ppl get the basics of the game down. All you have to do is ask

Austin Dooley 18.10.2017 - 13:35

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