Burton clash отзывы

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Комментарии (19)

This still lives at primal wow.

Geoff Graham 26.05.2017 - 10:29

If arthas would be in the game of thrones universe, absolutely everyone would die p

Sirvival 1410 27.05.2017 - 14:58

Guys pliz help really want to play wow legion can throw at least a ruble kiwi log position.

Irbis 28.05.2017 - 10:08

They say cool guys don t look at explosions but real cool guys dont look back at dragons

Paulo Haguland 28.05.2017 - 23:27

Anakin skywalker trope

Silentrobfan Z 30.05.2017 - 19:59

I quit wow many years ago. Still come back to this from time to time due to the pure unrestrained feeling of awe that surges through my body while resting my eyes upon this piece of art.

Ouroboros612 31.05.2017 - 02:07

Still get goosbumps when i watch this

Eric East 31.05.2017 - 13:27

Who else is whatching this in ?

01.06.2017 - 11:55

Please blizzard! Do not make a movie about arthas. Maintain his reputation! Your first wow movie was pure garbage. Preserve the last bit of dignity you have got or throw it into the abyss.

Bloated Belly 01.06.2017 - 22:35

This is to much man. The feels.

Pink Grandma 02.06.2017 - 22:15

Over years old, and still get goosebumps watching this cinematic, its crazy.

Jens Skou Furbo 03.06.2017 - 16:35

World of warcraft on its highest lifetime

Urukosh 04.06.2017 - 10:37

I think it would be cool if for diablo, they did a wow crossover and you had to defeat the lich king

Wolfboy3040 05.06.2017 - 14:49

Hands down the best videogame cinematic ever. If you ve played warcraft that is.

Broekje 05.06.2017 - 20:10

Best game ever made.

Cvetan Dachev 06.06.2017 - 04:21

This is still one of my favorite trailers of all time. And i didn t even play wow for that long.

Justin O 06.06.2017 - 15:58

I cant believe its almost years since this great adventure has become real. I feel old now.

Herman Kette 07.06.2017 - 10:56


Fernando Padilla 09.06.2017 - 02:39

I know you will show restraint when exercising your great power. Arthas, you had one job!

Luckyrabbit33 09.06.2017 - 17:28

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Burton clash отзывы

Burton clash отзывы

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