Payday 2 плейлист

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  • Опубликованно: 11.09.2017
  • Продолжительность: 03:02:21
  • Просмотров: 2855
  • Категория: Payday

Комментарии (20)

Shoutout is my fav but i like all of them

Marco Gallaga 11.09.2017 - 23:51

I don t think mid roll ads are enough, maybe you should put more in just for good measure. You don t want to get under payed for putting tracks together and uploading

Worphes 12.09.2017 - 14:04

Ah still loving this game

13.09.2017 - 16:00

It is and a new religion was created called viklundism worship the one and only simon viklund

Folty 13.09.2017 - 21:03

Gila nich video banyak amir iklan nya berjejer

Simehong2000 14.09.2017 - 18:20


Heister 16.09.2017 - 14:50

Great job on this one! I just love listening to all of these tracks, i listen to them every time i get on my pc d

18.09.2017 - 06:03

Its not the same without the gunfire everywhere and the fucking cloakers everywhere

Lasers Gaming 19.09.2017 - 16:07

Wish ode to greed itr

Hhf Ghjf 20.09.2017 - 20:53

Ok i gone through this list times now and i can t seem to find this amazing track with a mix of dubstep and chiptunes, you have any idea what track i am after? It s really getting on my nerves trying to find it, maybe it s a newer track and not in the original ? Anyway great list and thanks for sharing.

Messiahgaming1080P 22.09.2017 - 09:32

Oh shit bulldozer!

Elvalor Noesreale 23.09.2017 - 22:10

My favorite is evil eye

Hoxton 24.09.2017 - 15:31

My favorites black yellow moebius, fuse box, razormind, ode to greed instrumental, the gauntlet, gun metal gray original and donacdum, pimped out getaway, evil eye, and dead man s hand

Markus Jackson 26.09.2017 - 14:08

Op, will you upload a version with the new tracks?

Invader 26.09.2017 - 21:05

Dead memories i agree

Justyn Gaming 27.09.2017 - 20:40

Funny that i happen to be at the bank while listening to this soundtrack.

Grunkle 29.09.2017 - 18:38

Some of them remind me of gta v ost et vice versa

Ahmed Azzouz 30.09.2017 - 03:12

For handy members. Mayhem dressed in a suit. Master plan. Time window. Black yellow moebius. The mark. Full force forward. Tick tock. Fuse box. Razormind. Calling all units. Wheres the van. Hard time. Clean getaway. Mayhem dressed in a suit remix. Lets go shopping. Armed to the teeth. Sirens in the distance. Wanted dead or alive. Death wish. Shadows and trickery. And now we wait. Ode to greed. Ode to greed instrumental. And now we run. Blueprints. Blueprints old. Freeze. Supersledge. Evil eye. Hot pursuit. The gauntlet. Something wicked this way comes. Clowns are scary. Ho ho ho. Breach. Searchlights. Kicking ass and taking names. Backstab. Shoutout. Dead man s hand. Utter chaos. Gun metal grey. Crime wave. Donacdum. Locke and load. Drop zone. Pimped out getaway

Ermac Telekinetic 30.09.2017 - 20:44

Thx love!

Djahudj 02.10.2017 - 17:10

The duuuuhhhh in clowns are scary made me jump xd

The Destoyer 02.10.2017 - 23:32

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